Color-coding cell in straight table


Was browsing some Qv blogs tonight and stumble upon Rob Wunderlich post about color coding Y/N expressions using visual cues and dual() ( I thought that visual cues was quite slow compare to using expression background so i thought that i should do some performance testing.

I created an app with around 4 millions rows and a straight table with 2 expressions, one simple sum() and one with a complex formula returning either Y or N.

The results

  • No color coding – calctime of 22.963
  • dual and visual cue – calctime of 23.213
  • same exp in background color expression – calctime of 28.923
  • reference using [expression label] – calctime of 29.609
  • reference using column(X) – calctime of 29.703

My conclusions

  • For Y/N and similar expressions – use dual() and visual cues
  • For more complex ones (returning a lot of different values) – doesn’t really matter which one to use

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